IAESTE Annual Conference

The Annual conference is where all (well most of) the IAESTE magic happens: Every year around 250 participants from over 80 countries all around the globe gather in one place to exchange internships, discuss the future and strategic direction of our association, elect new Board Members, share knowledge, meet new and old friends and to recharge our professional batteries for the next 12 months. It is the biggest and most important event in the IAESTE calendar.

Exchange of internships

One of the main aims of IAESTE Annual Conference is to ensure that the core IAESTE activity of providing students with practical experience takes place. It’s the time to exchange offers and to meet exchange partners. At the end of the 2019 Annual conference in Limassol, Cyprus, 5647 offers had been exchanged, but we’re hoping to beat that number next time around.

General Conference

Additionally, the 2019 General Conference sessions facilitate very important discussions about the future of IAESTE and set new goals. New members are welcomed and important Tasks Forces are created. The General Conference also elects new Board Members, Internal Auditors and a GC Chairperson.

Global IAESTE Forum

With so many bright people in one place the Annual Conference is also an ideal moment for knowledge sharing and inspiration. During the Global Forum sessions all attendees are invited to share their own personal viewpoints on IAESTE related topics.

Memories, Pictures & Summary

There is not enough space to summarise all the moments that happen during the week of the Annual Conference! Some highlights from the last years include the General Conference discussions, exchange negotiations, the international evenings, the karaoke nights, the wonderful city tours and so much more!

Annual Alumni Conference

Last but not least, we are inviting alumni to take the time and join us in Vienna for the 10th Annual Alumni Conference.
You can expect it to be a fantastic weekend of fun and discussion about important topics related to how alumni can support IAESTE, as ambassadors, as well as helping to provide traineeships and the benefit of their experience. 


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