Hybrid Conference Concept

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions not all nationalities can enter Austria and join the conference physically in Vienna. Consequently, the conference concept was changed to a hybrid version with partly physical participants and partly virtual participants. We want to sum up the consequences per program points:

Opening Plenary and Keynote speech:
We will live stream the official opening of the conference via social media and Youtube.

Exchange and Cooperation Sessions:
We will have a conference tool where all participants will be registered. This tool will be used to handle the exchange, as it enables video calling and screen sharing. If exchange partners are in Vienna, they can of course meet physically, but as everyone will be registered in the tool, the exchange will be mainly handled via it. We will provide training for all participants (physical and virtual) of course.

General Conference Sessions:
The general assembly of our association will be streamed online for delegates. This will not be a public link! Delegates who cannot make it to Vienna will be asked to join online. The stream will be provided via Zoom. Voting will be performed via the tool we also use fpr the exchange and cooperation sessions. We will provide training for all delegates (physical and virtual) of course.

Global Forum:
Please have a look at the “Global Forum” section.

Evening Activities:
Evening activities will be streamed internationally or publicly depending on the occasion.


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