Austria used to be an empire and many of ‘our’ traditional dishes were actually brought here from what today are our neighbouring countries. This might even includes perhaps the famous part of Austrian cuisine - the Wiener Schnitzel: It’s origin isn’t entirely clear, but the recipe might have been brought to Vienna from Italy in the late 19th century. Either way, it tastes amazing and we suggest you try it.
Other than that a lot of our favourite foods are focused on various desserts and pastries, such as Apfelstrudel, Marillenknödel, Palatschinken and of course Sachertorte, which is basically the best sort of chocolate cake there is.
And naturally there is the Burning Mozart, which as always will be a part of the international evening.

If you want to try some traditional Austrian food outside the Annual Conference, there are a couple of good options you can try:
The Schweizerhaus, located near the Prater, Vienna’s famous amusement park, which is particularly famous for its ‘Stelzn’
Brandauer’s has several locations, but we suggest the one at Matiahilfer Straße. It’s close to the conference venue and is located at the top floor of a tall building, so if you can snatch a place by the window you’ll get a good view of the surroundings while you eat - sadly the rooftop won’t be open in January.
One of the many Heurigen, a type of restaurant you’ll find mostly on the outskirts of Vienna that typically will offer some self-made wine and food - despite there is typically a kitchen, some might not have much (warm) food at all.

Coffee houses are also an important part of our culture and there are still many traditional cafes, that you shouldn’t miss out on! It’s very usual to spend a few hours in a Cafés on a rainy day and have some cake. Many coffee houses date back to the Austrian monarchy and have been one of the main places for cultural exchange and discussions.

Here is a short list of places to go. Some are more expensive than others:
Café Central: Attracts a lot of tourists, but is much loved by locals too. It's a little pricey.
Café Sperl: A beautiful typical coffee house and near to the University of Technology.
Café Westend: Not so well known and it may seem a little run down, but that’s how we like it!
Café Kahlenberg: Coffee with an an amazing view over Vienna.
Café Diglas: Really close to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, so it’s also a bit pricey. It does have some really nice desserts though.
Café Hawelka: While it’s a nice café and all, this one is mainly famous for a song about a naked person going there. It’s a good song.


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